A Natural Healing Helper!

When people hear the word hydrotherapy today, most initially think of a hot tub or a luxury spa experience. If you’ve ever enjoyed true hydrotherapy after a long, strenuous day, then you know what it can do to help your body, relax your mind and lift your spirits.

Surprisingly, hydrotherapy has deeper roots in the medical field than leisure activities. Today’s leading hydrotherapy products blend both healing and luxury into everyday activities to improve our quality of life.

Enjoying Hydrotherapy

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to bring relief from the symptoms of many conditions of the body and mind. Water’s unique physical properties allow many forms of treatment, with different temperature and pressure combinations used to achieve the desired results. Many hydrotherapy treatments include soaking in warm or hot, moving water, where the body’s natural buoyancy further reduces stresses on weight-bearing areas and internal organs.

The history of hydrotherapy goes back thousands of years. Many ancient cultures soaked in natural hot springs or moving waters, presumably for both bathing and simply because they enjoyed the experience. As technologies advanced, the Greeks and Romans created heated pools of water in their bath houses, spreading the practice beyond those areas where it was available in nature.

In contemporary times, hydrotherapy continues to grow along two parallel paths: medical treatments and spa-like luxury treatments. Both the whirlpool in a physical therapy center and the hot tub at a ski resort are delivering many of the same benefits, albeit in very different contexts. These paths join back together in today’s walk-in bathtubs and hydrotherapy showers for the bathroom.

Beyond the obvious safety advantages of walk-in showers and tubs over traditional bathtubs, combining hydrotherapy with bathing leads to frequent treatments that can help relieve pain, relax the body & mind, and improve our mood and sense of well-being. It’s one of the few types of multi-tasking in our busy lives that actually lets us feel better while doing two things at once!

Hydrotherapy Helps You Feel Better

While hydrotherapy itself is a physical treatment, it delivers benefits that spread across many aspects of our lives. Body, mind and spirit are intertwined and the physical improvements lead to feeling better overall.

Physical Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Enjoying Hydrotherapy
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It’s amazing how one natural treatment helps with so many of the challenges we face as we age.

Hydrotherapy’s healing effects have been experienced for centuries and, more recently, have been studied and observed by researchers. These effects include decreasing joint pain and muscle soreness, improving blood circulation, increasing endorphin production and speeding up the body’s natural healing processes.

That adds up to a lot of relief from symptoms of many conditions.

  • Have circulation problems? Hydrotherapy can decrease swelling and improve circulation. Check.
  • Have chronic lower back pain or, worse yet, sciatica? Hydrotherapy can reduce stiffness and increase endorphin production, thus reducing tension and pain. Check
  • Restless leg syndrome ruining your sleep? Those soothing plumes of warm, bubbly water can help you relax, which helps you sleep better. Check.

The list goes on and on. Hydrotherapy is not some magic cure-all…but it has been shown to help with conditions affecting tens of millions of Americans. Even something as simple and unavoidable as the aches & pains of getting older.

Mental Benefits

Reducing aches and pains clears a constant, nagging thought from our minds. Removing that distraction goes a long way to helping us focus on the tasks at hand…but it’s only part of the story.

Think about all the stresses in your life. Some are immediate while others are long-term concerns. Time, to-do lists, people, life events and many others add to what’s coming from our own body. Even in retirement, all those problems we left behind get replaced by a new set of challenges to manage every day. Sometimes it’s so much that we find ourselves just trying to survive the day.

Now think about how good it feels to take a break from all that. Just relax into a warm, nurturing environment where your body starts feeling cradled, supported and gently massaged by the moving waters. It just feels good to unwind, let the tension melt away. The pain and stress levels come down, letting your mind slow down. What seemed like chaos comes into focus and order. It just feels soooo good. You leave feeling calmer, relaxed and rejuvenated – ready to start your day (or enjoy a good night’s sleep).

Emotional Benefits

Let’s face it, most people don’t like being around other people who are in a bad mood. Cranky. Irritable. Maybe angry. Definitely unhappy…and not much fun to be around. We know everybody has their bad days and we have them, too. We also know that pain and stress can put anybody–even us–in a bad mood.

When a bad day turns into a chronic string of bad days, maybe over many months or years, this becomes a vicious circle and our personality suffers. We become more and more like that person we don’t want to be around. And guess what – this slowly pushes people away from us, leaving us feeling increasingly unhappy, isolated and just generally less than what we know is our best.

Modern science has no shortage of medical procedures, pills, potions and lotions to cure what ails us…but the process often is unpleasant or painful, the side effects are potentially even worse, and it may take a bunch of these things to cover everything that’s holding us back.

A Happier You

Walk-in Shower TestimonialConsider the hydrotherapy bathing solution: Start with one natural, enjoyable activity that’s now available as part of something we already do regularly. Hydrotherapy is known for reducing pain & discomfort, which simultaneously helps with relaxation and stress reduction. Less ‘noise’ thus goes to the brain, which allows thinking more clearly and keeping things in perspective. Peace of mind returns.

Feeling better physically and stronger mentally in turn contributes greatly to our feeling better about life in general, feeling better about ourselves and feeling better about those around us. Now we have a virtuous circle. It all adds up to a happier You! And if you’ve been suffering in pain for too long now, your family and friends will greatly appreciate the change they see in you as well!

Thank you, hydrotherapy. I’ll be back for more tomorrow.

Not All Hydrotherapy Is Created Equal

Effective hydrotherapy means very different things at different ages. When we’re young, stronger jets that put a lot of pressure on a specific point feels pretty good. However, these same jets become less and less comfortable as we age. In our golden years, these standard jets often start doing more harm than good.

There’s two reasons for this. First, our skin actually thins as we age. That’s why veins become more visible and we’re often colder than the younger people around us in the same room. Thinner skin provides less protection to our blood vessels and nerves. What felt good not that long ago now may hurt, cause bruises and generally turn a pleasant experience into an unpleasant one.

Second, the soft tissue under our skin also damages more easily as we age. Too much pressure focused in any one point may cause additional, deeper bruising and possibly even more pain than what we’re trying to relieve with the hydrotherapy. The same logic applies to all forms of massage, bumping into things – anything that pushes on our body in a concentrated area. It just doesn’t take as much to cause a bruise as it did when we were younger.

The implications of this led Designed for Seniors engineers to design a unique, patented jet system that’s very different than what’s found in other walk-in tubs and hydrotherapy showers.

Nobody Does Hydrotherapy Like Designed for Seniors

First and foremost, all Designed for Seniors® jets are ergonomically located and most are adjustable to get the right massaging action aimed exactly where you need it. People obviously come in different sizes. Fixed location jets leave you adjusting to them, rather than them adjusting to you.

Different areas of the body require different types of massage for best results. Some areas need lighter, pinpoint massage while larger areas are better served by broader, higher volume water flows. Some jets swirl, some spiral, while others deliver direct massage to areas like the lower back.

Designed for Seniors engineers then went a step further by integrating air and water together in the same jets to maximize effectiveness. This patented technology improves control over both the quantity and pressure of water and air delivered by each jet. That means a more customized, spa-like treatment every time you bathe.

Most Designed for Seniors® jets also are individually adjustable in terms of the pressure they deliver. Remember, what feels great at age 50 or 60 likely is too strong at age 75 and almost certainly is too much at age 85. Designed for Seniors®  walk-in tubs and hydrotherapy showers are designed to keep meeting your needs as you age…both for effective hydrotherapy and for your bathing safety in general.

Get Designed for Seniors® Quality Hydrotherapy in Your Home

Now, Designed for Seniors brings true hydrotherapy into the bathroom to help ease the symptoms of so many conditions – safely and in the privacy of the home you love.

Isn’t it time you start feeling better – and safer – with a Designed for Seniors® showers or walk-in tub for your home. Our friendly, patient hydrotherapy bathing specialists will answer all your questions and tell you about any special offers in your area.

Please call now, toll free, 1-800-245-9894. There’s absolutely no obligation and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy and affordable it is to have Designed for Seniors® quality hydrotherapy in your home.