Walk-In Tubs Bring Massaging Hydrotherapy Into Your Bathroom

Imagine how good it feels to soak in a warm bath… then multiply that pleasure about a dozen times in your mind and you’ll have an idea what it’s like to luxuriate in our walk-in tubs.

Entering Walk-in Tub


So many of your senses come into play: Your whole body relaxes and loosens to the gentle touch of a swirling and caressing massage – what a feeling! The sounds of the bubbling water calm and comfort you, relieving the stress of the day or the aches and pains of the years. There’s so many blissful possibilities that come with a Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub.

As heavenly an experience as a hydrotherapy massage can be, the practical application of those spiraling therapeutic waters can bring much-needed relief to tired, sore muscles, aching limbs, aging joints, the pains of arthritis and tendonitis, and even frayed nerves. Hydrotherapy has been a trusted method of relaxation and healing since the first century. Designed for Seniors harnessed this ancient practice of water-massage therapy and brought it into the home.

Among other hydrotherapy benefits, water massage has been found to relax the muscles around arthritic joints, open the blood vessels to improve circulation, help speed recovery from injuries and promote the flow of endorphins. It can even lead to a better night’s sleep. Immerse your entire body if you wish – tub sides are high and secure. The jets turn on like magic at the push of a button. The massage action even offers targeted treatment of specific pressure points. You simply won’t believe how much better you can feel when you step out of your Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub, compared to the way you felt when you walked in.

Yes, a Tub You WALK in!

There’s no high-stepping over the edge of this tub – just open the extra-wide door and step in. We are aware that people 65 or older have a one-in-three chance of falling each year* – quite often as they step in or out of their bathtub.

So these walk-in tubs are designed and built with safety at the forefront. The safety-first focus starts with the secure, easily navigated, safe step for entry, and it continues to the slip-resistant tub floor that aids balance and helps prevent falls.

More Reasons Seniors Love Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Bathtubs

There’s a sturdy side grab bar for support. And all the controls can be reached without stretching – an important consideration if you, like 49.7% of adults 65 and older*, have been diagnosed with arthritis. (And if you do have arthritis, imagine being able to get some relief from that pain in your very own Designed for Seniors® bath! When you take this bath in the morning, it helps reduce inflammation and swelling so you can continue with your day.)

These tubs also feature anti-scald valves that keep temperatures at safe levels so the water doesn’t get too hot – or too cold. A constant water temperature of your choosing is maintained. You’ll love the pampered feeling of running a bath that suits your specific water temperature preferences! Soak in the tub for as long as you want – the water never gets cold.

Unsurpassed Quality

The Craftsmanship is evident in performance and appearance and in every little detail.

The door shuts and seals so well that it’s 100% guaranteed leak-free. The design is always accommodating: every control is push-button easy and conveniently accessible. From the attractive high-gloss, scratch-resistant acrylic coating… to the comfortably raised (17″) ADA-compliant seat… to the surprising affordability… with Designed for Seniors® walk-in tubs there are simply no worries.

After all, safe, worry-free bathing is the goal. Bath time is your time – a time to be alone, to linger, to have privacy, to refresh and replenish, a time to clear your mind and enjoy peace and quiet, a time to enjoy the independence and self-sufficiency that a Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub brings to your bath.

A Professional Operation, Just as You’d Expect From Designed for Seniors

You can count on a senior citizen focused company to take care of everything with a minimum of fuss and muss. And to back up our half-quarter century of excellence and sterling reputation, Designed for Seniors offers a lifetime limited warranty, one of the leading warranties in the industry today. There are no unhappy surprises, no hidden costs.

The entire process will be explained during your free initial consultation, all your questions answered and measurements taken. The cost of the tub also includes total installation, with the entire process conducted and managed by Designed for Seniors® certified technicians, usually in one day’s time. These professionals have gone through rigorous training and install these tubs all the time. With some other walk-in tub installations, you have to shop around and hire plumbers and contractors to install for you—and pay to have your old tub hauled away. We handle that for you, and take care of a complete clean-up to boot.

The Designed for Seniors® tub is guaranteed to fit in your existing tub space, so very little remodeling is needed. Whether for luxury or practicality, Designed for Seniors® baths set the standard for safety, performance and service.

Why Wait Another Day?

Let the Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Bathtub open the door to a wonderful healing and luxurious bathing experience… all while relieving your fears of falling in the bath.

Call now, 1-800-245-9894, and a friendly, knowledgeable Walk-In Bathtubs expert will answer all your questions and explain how easy and affordable your new Designed for Seniors® bath can be.

*According to the CDC