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Hydrotherapy Information
Bathing Safety
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Using Your Designed for Seniors® Hydrotherapy Shower
Using Your Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Bathtub

Hydrotherapy Information

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapy. Warm, moving water can help relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce stress and promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being. Although today’s methods are much improved, hydrotherapy has been a well-documented source of treatment since the first century.

This site provides a detailed overview of hydrotherapy.

Is hydrotherapy delivered by pumping water or pumping air?

Top quality hydrotherapy comes by moving both water and air to deliver the best possible experience. Designed for Seniors® jets use a process that combines air and water into a perfectly balanced ratio that massages gently yet effectively.

  • The hydrotherapy shower jet system is a revolutionary design that brings the benefits of hydrotherapy out of the water. Water is infused with air for an enhanced hydrotherapy experience
  • The walk-in tub jet system uses a variety of patterns and strengths to target different areas of the body with just the right pressure.

In both cases, the Designed for Seniors® jets are adjustable to point to exactly the spots on your body needing attention, making your bathing experience as unique as you are.

Do hydrotherapy needs change as we age?

Yes. Those high pressure jets that feel good when we’re young can actually cause injury to skin and soft tissues in seniors and the elderly, causing more pain than relief. Designed for Seniors custom designed the jets in all hydrotherapy bathing products to deliver lower pressures with higher water flow. This allows a gentle massaging that takes into account our needs as we age.

Bathing Safety

Are Designed for Seniors® walk-in hydrotherapy showers and tubs really safer than a traditional bathtub or shower?

Absolutely! We take your safety very seriously. That’s why we offer so many advanced features at no extra cost to you. All Designed for Seniors® hydrotherapy bathing products include numerous safety features, including:

  • A non-skid, textured floor reduces the chance of slipping
  • Sturdy, easy-to-reach grab bars are included for balance and stability
  • Anti-scald valves prevent the water temperature from reaching a dangerous level

Shower-specific safety features:

  • The ample storage space is recessed into the corners of the shower, reducing the chance of knocking something over and falling by stepping on it or losing your balance while trying to pick it up.
  • Built-in footrest adds both convenience and reduces bending – and thus the risk of falling.

Tub-specific safety features:

  • The leak-proof, low step door allows safely stepping into and out of the tub without fear of falling
  • The built-in raised seat (ADA compliant 17” high) is ergonomically designed for both comfort and safety while bathing

Is bathing safely really a concern as we age?

Unfortunately, such a simple and necessary activity becomes dangerous as we age. Consider a few scary facts:

  • Per the CDC, one in three seniors (age 65 or older) suffer a fall each year.
  • Most falls happen at home, with the bathroom being the most common room for falls.
  • Among those seniors suffering a fall, roughly 1 in 5 are injured badly enough to not be able to return to living independently in their homes.
  • In general, the older we get, the worse these statistics get because our physical capabilities diminish over time.

Designed for Seniors designed their hydrotherapy bathing product line to offer the pain relief and relaxation we want today, while also building in the safety features that we’ll need down the road. They’re an investment in your future, your safety and your independence.

Sales and Installation

Will the tub or shower fit in my bathroom?

Designed for Seniors® walk-in showers and tubs come in multiple sizes and is designed specifically for bathroom remodels, where it replaces your existing tub or shower. It fits right in the same space as a standard bathtub. Our certified installers have trim kits and other techniques to fit most odd size spaces as well.

How long will it take to install my tub or shower?

Once you complete your purchase, we strive to have your tub or shower delivered to your home and professionally installed to your satisfaction within 2-3 weeks.

The actual in-home installation usually is completed in just one day.

What happens to my old tub or shower?

As part of our full service installation, we will remove and properly dispose of the old tub or shower. We also clean up any mess from the installation.

How much does it cost?

Professional installation by certified installers, delivery to your home and removal of your old tub/shower all are included with every Designed for Seniors® walk-in hydrotherapy shower or bathtub.

Many factors differ from home to home, such as the type and condition of the existing plumbing, electrical wiring & service, flooring, local building code requirements, shipping cost, bathroom location within the house, etc. We thus cannot quote an accurate price over the phone or online.

Instead, we offer a free, no obligation in-home consultation where a trained local representative will measure your bathroom, check everything related to installing a walk-in hydrotherapy shower or tub, explain your options and provide you a customized price quote based on your unique requirements. Your price quote will be good for 45 days so you can make an informed decision in the privacy of your own home.

Can I buy just the tub or shower and have it installed myself?

Designed for Seniors® walk-in hydrotherapy showers and tubs come as a complete package which includes certified installation of the new tub/shower and removal of the existing tub or shower. Because Designed for Seniors offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all walk-in hydrotherapy showers and tubs, we do not allow non-certified contractors or individuals to install them.

Is financing available?

Yes, through third-party financing companies with approved credit.


Using Your Designed for Seniors® Hydrotherapy Shower

How do I keep water from spraying out of the shower?

We offer a variety of options for keeping the water off your bathroom floors.

  • The simplest is a traditional shower bar and curtain. The inside lip of the shower is about 4 inches high and the curtain has built-in magnets that stick to this lip.
  • Many customers prefer glass shower doors. These are available in full height, half-height or a combination full and half height. The half-height versions are ideal for when a caregiver needs to help with bathing.

Full Height Designed for Seniors Shower DoorHalf Height Designed for Seniors Shower DoorCombination Designed for Seniors Shower Door

How does the adjustable shower seat work?

The seat has been engineered to offer tremendous flexibility to meet a wide variety of showering options.

  • Simply lift it and hang it over the grab bar on any shower wall to change where you sit. (Don’t worry – all the grab bars are reinforced for your safety).
  • When you want more space, the seat folds up so it’s out of your way.

How do the two different shower heads work?

There are two shower heads for your convenience. One is fixed to the wall like a traditional shower. The second is a handheld wand with a very convenient strap that helps keep it in your hand during use. (The bar that holds the handheld shower is adjustable in height for your convenience).

Just move the easy-turning lever to direct the water to the one you want to use. You can change it at any time – even during your shower.

Is the shower easy to clean?

Absolutely! The shower walls and floor are made of high-grade acrylic, which fights stains (and scratches & chips) better than gel coat or porcelain surfaces. Just lightly spray with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner, wipe with a sponge and rinse clean.

Better still, the precision engineering and construction of the shower walls uses an innovative, no-caulk sealing system that removes a common cleaning long-term problem. Imagine – no more worrying about moldy caulk (or leaks).

Even the shower head is designed to reduce mold and lime build up – just rub your fingers over the face to clean it off.

Do Designed for Seniors® hydrotherapy showers comply with water usage guidelines?

Yes. Federal regulations now limit showerhead outflow rates to 2.5 gallons per minute.

Using Your Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub

Can I take a shower in the tub?

Yes. You may sit down and safely use the built-in, handheld shower wand if you’d like. An adjustable wall-mount bar and half-height shower curtain and rod also are available if you prefer a fixed showerhead location.

How does the foot massaging jet work?

The Designed for Seniors® Walk-in Bathtub offers a specialized foot massage experience. Its unique spinning motion provides optimal therapy to feet and lower legs. The Spinner Foot Jet averages 5‐6 gallons per minute of high volume, low pressure massage — ideal for the aging user.

How do I stay warm while the tub is draining?

Most people use the handheld shower wand to rinse off while the tub is draining. This both keeps you warm and keeps you cleaner as soap residue gets washed away.

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