Quality Hydrotherapy Now Comes in a Shower.

As we age, the occasional aches and pains of everyday life become less and less occasional. Most of us are bothered by sore muscles, creaky joints and general fatigue as we go through the day – and it’s made worse by everything from exertion and stress to arthritis and a number of other ailments.

Sure, there are pills and creams that claim to provide comfort; but there is only one 100% natural way to feel better…hydrotherapy. Now, the world leader in hydrotherapy has invented the only walk-in shower that features Designed for Seniors® jets. It’s called the Designed for Seniors® Walk-in Hydrotherapy Shower, and it can truly change your life.

Turns Your Shower Into Physical Therapy

Imagine having a spa-like massage built into your normal routine. Engineers worked long and hard with doctors and consumers to reinvent underwater hot tub jets to deliver that same great hydrotherapy experience in a shower.

Their years of effort paid off.

This revolutionary shower has it all, from the four exclusive Designed for Seniors® jets that target problem areas…to the comfortable and adjustable seat…to strategically-placed grab bars and lots of storage. There’s even a footrest and ergonomically designed handheld shower wand.

Isn’t it time to replace your old bathtub or shower and enjoy a lifetime of therapeutic massage, comfort, safety and pain relief?

Targeted Massage Where You Need it Most

Hips, knees and the shoulder area are common pain points. Your Designed for Seniors® Hydrotherapy Shower has four massaging, adjustable jets that can bring relief to all of these areas.

Focus the jets on your personal problem areas and let the water work its magic. Hydrotherapy can reduce the pain and discomfort of:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Problems
  • Sciatica
  • Inflammation
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Circulatory Disease
  • Muscle Cramps

An Investment in You… and Your Future

Pain relief, stress reduction, flexibility and range of motion, and other physical improvements associated with hydrotherapy all make our bodies feel better. But that’s not the whole hydrotherapy story.

Those physical gains lead to equally important gains in how we feel about ourselves. How much better is your mood when your pains are reduced? Do you feel more energetic when you’re feeling less stress? What if you could get these gains every day – would you feel more like yourself again?

Truly timeless, life-changing experiences like this made hot springs and natural hydrotherapy popular thousands of years ago…and why it’s continued in many forms up to today. The words of our customers tell the story better than anyone…

I love the bench seats that fold down and other people can use it as well as myself… And I don’t have to step out of the tub, which was not a safe thing for me to do.
– Charlene Kenyon

Feel Better Now, Feel Safer for a Lifetime

When we say the Hydrotherapy Shower brings a lifetime of comfort and relief, we mean just that…a lifetime. That’s because those same Designed for Seniors® engineers built in safety features that look stylish today, yet become critical over time to bathing safely and living independently in the home you love.

The list of safety features is impressive, but the point is to “future-proof” your home now for the inevitable physical challenges we all face as we age. The low, safe step into the shower, the sturdy grab bars, the adjustable bench and convenient footrest all are ergonomically designed to look stylish while guarding against accidents now and in the years to come.

Nobody wants to lose their privacy and dignity in old age by needing help with bathing. And nobody wants to move into one of those expensive “elder homes” just because their bathroom isn’t safe any longer. Your Designed for Seniors® Walk-in Shower is the affordable solution to maintaining your independence for many years to come.

Why wait to start feeling better? Once you experience the Designed for Seniors® Walk-in Shower, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Call now…it’s the first step in getting relief from those aches and pains and just feeling like yourself again. That’s 1-800-245-9895. Our friendly hydrotherapy technicians are ready to answer all your questions.