How Much Will Your Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub Cost?

It’s an important question – and a difficult one to answer without speaking directly with you as there are many factors that go into determining your total walk-in tub cost. Top-quality walk-in tubs are sold in a complete package price that includes absolutely everything.

Don’t be fooled by low tub prices you might see advertised. The tub itself is almost always less than half the total cost once installed. A complete job includes:

  • Your new walk-in tub
  • Shipping to your home
  • Local permits (where required)
  • Removing the old tub
  • Repairing any plumbing, electrical or unstable floor issues
  • Tub installation and full clean-up
  • Properly disposing of the old tub, and
  • Answering all your questions on how to use your new tub

Clearly, this is not a job for your average do-it-yourself homeowner – or even a local handyman. Designed for Seniors® walk-in tub installers are factory-certified, which allows us to confidently stand behind our Lifetime Limited Warranty. This is why we only sell our walk-in tubs (and walk-in hydrotherapy showers) as a complete package including everything listed above.

Factors That Influence the Cost of a Walk-In Tub

Some installations are less complicated than others, although there are always a number of components required to make everything work properly. Do understand that none of these potential modifications is a big obstacle to the trained technicians who will be installing your tub. Because they do these installations day after day, their experience allows them to know the quickest, least expensive and most efficient way to handle any modification needs you might have.

Your current plumbing system. Do you have 3/4-inch pipes or 1/2-inch pipes? Are your water supply lines large enough to fill the bathtub quickly? Is your bathroom drainage adequate to allow rapid removal of the water at the end of the bath? Will your standard hookups need adjustments? Older bathrooms might need some updating in order to use the latest technology that comes with a walk-in tub.

Another consideration is your hot-water heater capacity. These tubs have tall walls that allow you to soak up to your neck in water, if you wish. Could you require a larger hot water heater than you presently have, in order to completely fill your new tub?

Electrical modifications may be needed. Might there be electrical requirements that your bathroom is not equipped to meet? The initial inspection of your bathroom will include a review of your electrical box to make sure it is up to code and can handle the air and water jet pumps included with your new Designed for Seniors® tub. Your local building code requirements can also affect the cost of the installation.

Construction or carpentry needs? Though Designed for Seniors® tubs are designed to fit in the space occupied by your present tub, there may be some fine framing or carpentry modifications required as well. (Cheap tubs, imported tubs and even tubs designed for new-construction homes may not be sized properly for your home, greatly increasing installation costs – if they can be made to fit at all.) With Designed for Seniors® tubs, any construction costs are included in your total cost estimate, and any necessary work is performed by well-trained professionals.

Shipping and delivery costs. All bathtubs are heavy, bulky and cannot be transported by standard shipping trucks like FedEx or UPS, which have package weight limits of about 70 lbs. Just moving a tub is a two-man job. Our representatives are trained on how to ship the tubs to prevent damage during transport. The shipping costs can be affected by where you live, but are less than with other companies.

Your quote from us includes all installation costs. Some companies will simply sell you a bathtub with a door, leaving you to hire professional plumbers, electricians and contractors to install it for you. Reputable brands manage the entire installation process, with everything included in the total cost of your tub. They even remove your old bathtub, carrying it away and cleaning up the mess when the job is done.

Get More Without Paying More

Man standing in from of a walk-in tubThere are plenty of cheaply made walk-in tub products on the market today, mostly made overseas. With Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tubs, you get the best of tubs at a competitive price.

A Designed for Seniors® tub is constructed with the highest quality materials. For instance, you get a steel frame–not aluminum, fiberglass or plastic. A frame that bends is a bad thing–it leads to door leaks.

The last thing you want once your bathtub is installed is to have to hire someone to repair your tub for leaks – or your bathroom for damage from leaks! These repairs could cost thousands of dollars – a concern eliminated by investing in a high-quality Designed for Seniors® tub and professional installation and a leak-proof warranty!

With a Designed for Seniors® tub, you get an acrylic surface, not gel coat or porcelain. Both of those chip, scratch and stain much more easily than durable, non-porous acrylic. A walk-in tub is one product where you do indeed get what you pay for! Designed for Seniors® walk-in tubs are the best choice for people who want a luxurious, safe bathtub at an affordable price!

An Investment in Your Future

Your walk-in tub is a serious investment in your home, your personal safety and your independence. That investment will be neither as complicated nor as expensive as you have envisioned. Think of it as preventive maintenance or “future-proofing” your home today to avoid much more painful expenses down the road.

After all, moving to a senior care facility or assisted living comes with its own set of problems and sizable expenses. Assisted living facilities can run you $7,000 a month or more, quickly dwarfing the price of a walk in tub. Many folks choose to invest in a of a walk in tub now, plus enjoy all it’s benefits, rather than dealing with higher expenses later in life. An investment in a Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub for your existing bathroom is the most affordable and desirable option for most people.

Get Your Personalized Quote

With all these factors to consider, it should be clear that no reputable company can quote you an accurate price on the phone or online. Too much depends on the specifics of each individual customer’s home.

That’s why we offer free in-home consultations where a trained technician will discuss your needs, take measurements, evaluate the installation needs for your particular home and give you a firm cost estimate before they leave. The sales and installation service completely covers everything – even showing you how to use your new tub.

It’s the only way Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tubs are sold, and it’s the kind of comprehensive service that’s what senior citizens deserve.

Call us today at 1-800-245-9894 to schedule your own personal consultation. There’s absolutely no cost to you, so please call now.