Your Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub Helps You Avoid Bathroom Falls & Stay Independent in Your Home

There comes a point as we age when our bodies begin to “tell us” that our old bathtub is not a safe place to be. Maybe one morning we almost lose our balance in the shower, or we stumble a bit over the edge of the tub as we climb in or out. Perhaps there’s a sudden dizziness when we bend to reach for the faucets, and then there comes a day when, at the end of a leisurely bath, we find we can’t get up off the tub bottom and out of the tub. Clearly, the standard bathtub or shower is not safe for the older person we have become.

In the next 12 months, over 13 million American seniors will slip and fall. Many of those falls take place in the bathroom, often occurring as bathers get in and out of the tub. Because of the unforgiving nature of bathroom marble, granite, porcelain and tile, as well as the often close proximity of tub, sink and commode, bathroom falls can have very serious consequences. (CDC statistics show that 20% to 30% of fall victims suffer severe injuries such as hip fractures, lacerations and head trauma.) Thus, a fall in the bathroom can mean the end of independent living and your expectation of aging for many, many years in your own home.

The Moment You’re Most Vulnerable to Falling

The biggest threat to your independence may well be that moment each day when you step over the high edge of your bathtub to get in or out. At that second, you are balancing precariously on one foot – one foot in, one foot out – and potentially one or both of those feet are resting on either the wet tub bottom or the wet bathroom floor. That is when you are most vulnerable to falling. If all you have to hold on to is the shower curtain, your hold on your independence is equally tenuous at that moment.

Seniors don’t want to think about losing their independence, having to move from their home and transitioning to assisted living – and they certainly don’t want the hazards suddenly associated with a simple daily bath to precipitate such a monumental change in their lives. Fortunately, there are aids and options – some very basic, some temporary, some insufficient. There are grab bars and supports that can be put on the tub or on the wall; there are slip-resistant in-tub mats as well; there are step-down steps that can be placed outside the tub. But none of these overcomes the biggest obstacle to safe and confident bathing: the process of getting in and out of the tub.

Taking a Safe Step to Bath Safety

A better, more permanent and more satisfactory solution is a walk-in bathtub – a tub designed specifically to address the problems of seniors and safety. Designed for Seniors makes the best walk-in bathtub in the industry. Designed for Seniors® tubs reflect in dozens of ways the thought and care that the company has put into crafting a safer and more comfortable tub. All the safety concerns you have about bathing in your traditional bathtub–and some you probably never thought about–have been solved in the design of the Designed for Seniors® tub.

Here are the Top Ten Safety Features that come standard in all Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tubs, starting with the perfectly designed, double-sealed door.

(1) Just open that extra-wide door and step in. You no longer have to worry about stepping up and over the side of the tub and possibly throwing yourself off balance, as can happen in a standard tub. The threshold to the Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub is one short, safe step – at floor level and barely a step at all.

(2) The Designed for Seniors® tub door is guaranteed leak-proof, to ensure that the water stays in the tub where it belongs and that you won’t be stepping out onto a wet and slippery floor.

(3) The door handle is conveniently placed so you needn’t bend or stretch to reach it, and it opens and locks in place easily. You can safely open the door and get in the tub by yourself, maintaining your independence and bathroom privacy.

(4) The door and tub walls adjoining it are purposely situated at arms’ height, to provide easily accessible support as you move into and out of the tub. The Designed for Seniors® design ensures that, instead of balancing on one foot without a handhold as you enter or leave the tub, you always have three points of contact with a steady and solid surface.

(5) There’s a sturdy side grab bar to help hold your body weight, located exactly at the place you would expect to find it.

(6) The raised seat (17″) allows you to sit comfortably and get up easily when your bath is over. No struggling to pull yourself up from the bottom of the tub – and yet if you wish, you can still bathe in water that is chest or neck high.

(7) The seat height puts all controls, including the shower wand, in easy reach of your hands – no reaching and stretching needed.

(8) The slip-resistant, non-skid tub bottom is textured to help prevent slips and falls as you enter and leave the tub.

(9) All controls are push-button easy, appropriate for arthritic hands or those with limited dexterity.

(10) Anti-scald valves keep temperatures at safe levels so the water can’t get too hot.

It’s a Big Deal, Just Not How You Think

If a walk-in tub sounds like a complicated, expensive project and a big deal to you, know now that it’s a big deal only in terms of what it could mean to your future. The peace of mind that comes to you and your family with a Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tub can be an enormous relief, as is the ability to take a simple bath each day with confidence and safety. Managing your risk of a fall is hugely important if you hope to stay in your home and enjoy your independence as long as possible.

Please, don’t wait until you suffer a fall. Protect your health and independence now. Call our friendly Walk-In Tub experts today at 1-800-245-9894.